Go bonkers for conkers!
October is the time to search for these strangely satisfying fruits of the horse chestnut tree. Inside that spiky green case you might find a mighty, mahogany behemoth, ready to be strung up and do battle in a quintessentially British game of conkers. Here’s our guide on the best places to find these pugilistic nuts and where to go for a competitive conker fight. more >
1st October 2018
Vantage point – five places to see a stunning view
Some would say that the South West has the most beautiful scenery in the whole country. There's hot debate about which vista is more spectacular. Is a peaceful seaside scene better than elegant rooftops? Here are our suggestions, and GWR will take you there – just book before you board for cheap travel. more >
25th September 2018
Four fantastic boat trips from Falmouth
September is a great month to visit Cornwall – the kids are back at school and the holiday-makers have (mostly) gone home. Whatever your interests, Falmouth provides the perfect base for exploring the county’s south coast by boat. more >
17th September 2018
Weird and wonderful ways to travel the Thames
Looking for a unique way to explore London by river? Try one of these off-kilter water trips and see the city sights in a whole new light. more >
8th August 2018
Five outdoor cinema screenings on the GWR network this September
This summer, there have been loads of exciting opportunities to see films in the open air, with pop-up cinemas appearing all round the country, but did you know that screenings continue throughout September? Here is a pick of our favourite flicks being shown at stunning – and fitting – locations across the GWR network. Book ahead to get your front-row seat. more >
3rd August 2018