Fizz, Soho’s top pop-up venue

London’s latest ‘it’ bar specialises in sparkling wine, and is perfect for drawn-out dining with friends.

When is a champagne bar not a champagne bar? When it’s a fun summer pop-up that’s hijacked an already popular members’ club in Soho.

Fiz is the handiwork of charismatic foodie Barnaby Lewis and two friends, who set out to make drinking sparkling wine less stuffy and more sociable. Consequently, there’s not a knife or fork ­– or champagne flute – in sight at this cosy eatery, where you can share grilled cheese toasties, brioche buns loaded with pork belly and jalapeno slaw, or mountains of chorizo and serrano ham, alongside glasses of strawberry-infused prosecco, golden English wines and punchy cavas.

The space is usually an art gallery for neon lights and is dotted with stalls and high tables, giving it an upbeat atmosphere. Invite friends and prepare to stay longer than you intended. House fizz and a generous charcuterie or cheese board will set you back £29. Just make sure you head there before Fiz shuts its doors on 13 August!

Fiz can be found at The Lights of Soho, 35 Brewer Street, W1F. Visit