Zoe Lyons: ‘getting caught buying a ready meal when you’re on Celebrity MasterChef is embarrassing’

The Brighton-based comedian and cookery contestant talks about her latest show, which is on tour now, and discusses the odd kitchen disaster.

Could you start by telling us a little about your latest show, Entry Level Human?
I always say that my shows will never change your life, but they will improve an hour of it. Entry Level Human has a very loose theme, but it’s basically about human stupidity in all its glorious forms, my own included. It’s a collection of tales and observations that are gently political. I mean, Brexit has to appear in any show these days, but it’s my own spin on it – I think I’ve worked out Brexit!

What one thing would make you a better human?
Better time management, because mine is appalling. For instance, I’ve got work to do right now, but instead of doing it I’ve been signing myself up for identity theft protection. I’m so easily distracted – I’m like a squirrel, always interested in the next thing. I genuinely don’t think I’d last five minutes in a regular job. I wouldn’t be able to sit still for long enough, for a start, and would just get nothing done. So yeah, better timekeeping and more focus would make me a better human.

How was it being a contestant on Celebrity MasterChef – and what happened with your soups?
MasterChef, on the whole, was absolutely brilliant. But it’s really nerve-wracking putting a plate of food down in front of John and Gregg because they go through that whole facial expression gamut. With the soups, it was a bit of risk. One of them was thickened with egg and I overheated it and it was disgusting.

Along with MasterChef, you’re getting loads of mainstream exposure. How’s that working out for you?
Like everyone in this business, I just want to keep working. I’ve had a lovely year and I really enjoy the variety of work and the challenges of new projects. I’ll tell you what’s a bit embarrassing, though – getting caught buying a ready meal in the Co-op just after being on Celebrity MasterChef. I have to start thinking more carefully about my purchases.

Can you describe a great day out in your hometown of Brighton?
You have to start on the pier, then walk along the Promenade and the Lanes. You should pop up the British Airways i360, which is a really high viewing platform. Finish the day by going to one of the city’s many great restaurants – the place has become a real food hub.

You can see Zoe Lyons: Entry Level Human on tour around the country until 21 February. Visit her website for more details.