Vantage point – five places to see a stunning view

Some would say that the South West has the most beautiful scenery in the whole country.
And there is hot debate about which vista is more spectacular than another. Is a peaceful seaside scene better than elegant rooftops?

Here are our suggestions of some lovely places to go and see. GWR will take you there, just book before you board for cheap travel.

On top of the O2

Put on your climbing suit, boots and harness to conquer a prime slice of London’s millennial heritage.

Your climb guide will tell you all about the impressive view as you make your ascent up the mammoth venue.

And what is more, tours can be booked for day or night, giving you an opportunity to see Canary Wharf in all its illuminated glory.

Above the Jurassic coastline

A trip to the top of the Jurassic Skyline tower offers unrivalled views of the whole of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

From the revolving capsule above Weymouth, you can see up to 26km, catching glimpses of Portland, Lulworth and beyond.

The tower is 53m tall and the capsule at the top can hold 69 passengers at a time.

St Ives Harbour

Artists have long been drawn to St Ives with its quaint cobbled streets and clear blue water.

There are so many vistas to choose from, but the view down towards the harbour takes some beating.

Find a vantage point above the town to enjoy the sight of the cute wooden boats and ever-present seal populations.

Three Cliffs Bay

As the name suggests, Three Cliffs Bay has cliffs on each side giving the impression of shelter.

Pennard Pill, a large stream, flows into the sea in the middle of the Gower Peninsular bay.

Dog walkers and tourists alike enjoy the sands, rocks and breaking waves. Watch you don’t get trapped by the incoming tide.

The Royal Crescent

Built between 1767 and 1776, this sweeping crescent of elegant Georgian terraced houses has become a world-famous landmark.

The thirty houses now include a five-star luxury hotel and a museum of Georgian life.

The graceful curve is arranged around a perfect lawn overlooking Royal Victoria Park and has an impressive ha-ha.