Plymouth’s annual light festival returns

The city’s Illuminate festival opens on 22 November, promising immersive experiences, live performances and workshops, as well as showcasing the finest international artists in the field.

Among this year’s highlights, Plymouth’s annual Illuminate Festival (22–25 November) will host a work by Spanish artist Xavi Bové. Entitled Visual Songs, the immersive installation will allow visitors to create their own art using ‘virtual brushes’, which they can print and take home.

This is just one of a whole host of great ideas on display at the festival, which last year attracted more than 5,000 visitors during its three days. This year will see the event extend by a day, with projections and light installations throughout the Royal William Yard in Plymouth.

French artist Thomas Voillaume, a.k.a. APACH, will also be showcasing a sculpture of a large-scale human figure onto which light will be projected. The artist hopes the projection will add an emotional element to the work and perhaps even obscure the line the separates reality from hallucination.

Other artists include, Mark Parry, Paige Alexander, Jamie Knight, 1000 Errors, Juliet Middleton-Batts, Josh Small and Effervescent. To find out more, visit the festival website.