Plymouth city guide

Located on the Devon coast, Plymouth is an attractive sea port with lots to offer the curious visitor.

It was from here that Sir Francis Drake embarked when he circumnavigated the world; James Cook set sail to become the first recorded European to reach Australia; the Mayflower began its trip to the New World; and Charles Darwin headed for the Galapagos Islands to find proof for his theory of evolution.

Aside from this impressive list of notable historical embarkations, Plymouth is also well known for its gin. Plymouth Gin has been in production since 1793 and visitors can sample the local tipple during one of the distillery’s tours.

What to see

Check out what’s on at the Theatre Royal Plymouth. Here you’ll find a wide range of theatrical and musical productions, from the crowd-pleasing The Sound of Music to more fringe productions such as this 2016’s award-winning Spine, which explores the friendship between a teenager and a pensioner.

Where to hang out

Head down to the redeveloped waterfront area known as the Barbican where you’ll get a taste of old Plymouth architecture, with some great pubs and restaurants.

Where to eat

Being right on the coast, Plymouth offers excellent seafood options, and no one’s more enthusiastic about the fruits of the ocean’s bounty than Mitch Tonks. His restaurant Rockfish offers simple meals with exceptional ingredients.

Where to stay

Housed in a lovely Victorian building, the Grosvenor Plymouth is a boutique hotel with a chic, minimalist interior in a central location.

Theatre Royal Plymouth
Barbican, Plymouth
Grosvenor Hotel, Plymouth