On a budget? Check out these eight free attractions

Having fun on a budget is easier than you might think. There are loads of great things to see and do when you dig below the surface, and none of it need cost you a penny. Hop on a train and visit one of these exciting destinations, making sure you take advantage of our online January ticket sale, and unlock the adventure that best suits your budget.


Banksy walking tour
All year round
If you’re stuck for something to do this January, take a trip to Bristol and discover some of the earliest and finest works by one of the UK’s biggest living artists, Banksy. Best-known for his graffiti murals, the anonymous spray painter has adorned many a Bristolian wall with his politically-engaged and often tongue-in-cheek artworks. Find out where to find these masterpieces and explore.
Take GWR train to Bristol Temple Meads

M Shed
All year round
A relative newcomer to the Bristol museum scene, M Shed tells the story of the city, from prehistoric times to the present day. Exhibits include some pretty special cargo cranes, which you can see any time of the day. There are also paying exhibitions, including the ever-fabulous Wildlife Photographer of the Year, but only if you’re feeling flush.
Take GWR train to Bristol Temple Meads


British Museum
All year round
The British Museum is a must-see attraction and alone would warrant a trip to the capital. It’s collection is second to none, with lots of fascinating artefacts from around the world, including the famous Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon Marbles. It’s also home to a beautifully-designed inner courtyard, which is the largest covered public square in Europe, and a delight to behold.
Take GWR train to Paddington and then a short onward Tube journey

Science Museum
All year round
The permanent collection at the Science Museum is free all year round, and home to some weird and wonderful exhibits that will open your eyes to the world’s hidden wonders. Among the museum’s highlights is the Exploring Space exhibition, which includes real-life rockets and a space suite worn by the first Briton in space.
Take GWR train to Paddington and then a short onward Tube journey


Georgian architecture
All year round
Bath is easily one of the prettiest cities in the country, and boasts so much awesome heritage that it has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. This was in no little part due to the city’s fantastic Georgian architecture, examples of which can be found at the Royal Crescent – a row of 30 Georgian houses – and a similarly impressive circus, which elegantly surrounds a central green.
Take GWR train to Bath Spa


Rachel Maclean: Spite your Face
Chapter, until 20 January
Scottish artist Rachel Maclean tours her 2017 film Spite your Face to the Welsh capital – and it’s an extravaganza of colour that’s not to be missed. Drawing inspiration from the story of Pinocchio, the young artist explores themes of greed, self-destruction and fake news. If that all sounds a bit serious, don’t worry, as it’s also very funny too, with loads of weird and wonderful characters.
Take GWR train to Cardiff Central


Pitt Rivers Museum
All year round
If you’re through touring Oxford’s extraordinary streets and colleges, then duck into Pitt Rivers Museum and find yourself transported to other worlds. You’ll discover an amazing collection of artefacts from around the globe, including some weird and wonderful objects, such as totem poles and Japanese Samurai armour, all seemingly packed into a single room.
Take GWR train to Oxford

Oxford colleges
All year round
You can visit most of Oxford University’s colleges for free, including All Souls, Corpus Christi, Exeter and more. Spend a day wandering the quadrangles of these beautiful institutions and see if the inspiration rubs off. If not, at least you’ll know that you’ve stepped in the footprints of many a mighty scholar.
Take GWR train to Oxford