Mille Patisserie’s festive crepe will blow your socks off

Fed up of mince pies and need something sweet that wasn’t dreamed up in the Victorian era? Head over to Mille Patisserie in London to sample their crepe that’s a cake that looks like a Christmas tree.

Just a short walk from Paddington station is Mille patisserie, a little slice of Paris among the hustle and bustle of London. Mille is most famous for their out-of-this-world crepe cakes. A what now? You heard: a crepe cake. An entire cake made up of layer upon layer of paper-thin crepes, each separated by a slither of French pastry cream. No baking required, thank you very much.

The thing about Mille is that their cakes aren’t just good, they’re really flipping extraordinary and, get this, they’ve just announced the launch of a festive special that’s about to send your taste buds into a frenzy – a rum and chestnut crepe cake decorated with Japanese Yuzu candy and fresh mint. Should we start campaigning to ditch the traditional Christmas pudding now?

Is that the sound of lips smacking across the capital? The Plantation Rum and Imbert Chestnut Mille Crepe is £6.20 per slice or £56 for the whole cake. Check it out!