Five festival hacks you need to know

With the festival season well and truly underway, we give our top tips on how to get the most out of your big weekend, and how to save on travel when you take the train.

Without a doubt, festivals are great fun. You hang out with your best mates for what seems like endless days, listening to amazing new music and dancing into the wee small hours.

Despite the huge potential for fun-filled revelry, festivals can have their fair share of quirks. We’ve all been there: you’ve lost your mates, your phone’s about to die and it’s started to drizzle.

It’s not the end of the world, of course, but let’s face it, things could have worked out better. To help avoid those classic festival miscalculations, read these super useful hacks that will help see you through to the end in one piece.

Plan ahead

Taking the train is often the easiest way of reaching a festival. But remember, you’re not the only reveller making your way to the event, so make sure you keep up to date with the latest travel advice. You can save money by booking Advance Purchase tickets at

Power in numbers

You and your mates can save money when you travel together. That’s right, you get a 1/3 off train tickets with GroupSave when 3 to 9 people travel together.

Charge your devices on the train

Don’t get caught out – make sure you’ve got plenty of life left in your devices. Power points are available to use for free on all of our Intercity Express Trains. These can be found by your seats. On some GWR local trains, power sockets can be found on the walls.

Fill up on the train

It might sound daft to say it, but make sure you eat plenty. It’s easy to forget to dine when your favourite band is giving it big licks on the main stage. Start by grabbing a bite to eat on the train. There’s plenty of sandwiches, snacks and drinks to enjoy en route. Get stuck in!

Don’t forget the wet wipes

Washing is not an option, so make sure you take a supply of wet wipes to give yourself a little sprucing when things turn ripe. It will likely be hot in that tiny, two-man tent of yours, and jumping around for hours on end hasn’t helped matters, so give yourself a little swabbing with a couple of moist cloths to set you up for the day ahead.