Five best sushi restaurants

Hooray, it’s International Sushi day on 18 June. To celebrate, we’ve picked some of the finest eateries on the GWR network serving the famous Japanese cuisine. Get tucked in!

Sushi was originally a way of preserving fish, where fermented rice was used store sea food for periods of up to a year. The rice was traditionally thrown out and the fish consumed, but you can understand how rice with vinegar could find its way onto your plate next to the aged fish.

Fast forward a zillion years and you can’t move for the stuff. Most major cities in Europe, America and East Asia will likely have several restaurants specialising in sushi. And do you know why that is? It’s because sushi’s great, that’s why.


Sushisamba takes its inspiration from a unique fusion of cuisines. Blending Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culinary concepts, Sushisamba offers Latin American classics alongside gyoza and sashimi.

This monumental mash-up dates back to over 100 years ago, when Japanese emigrants travelled to South America, leading to some seriously tasty cultural integration.

As well as offering great food, including a wide and interesting selection of nigiri, sashimi, and sushi rolls, Sushisamba’s Bishopsgate branch boasts a view over the city to die for.


Great food and a perfect central location – not far from Regent’s Street – makes this one of the capital’s finest sushi restaurants. The atmosphere is elegant and the food is traditional. Select from a wide range of choices, including blue and yellow fin tuna, sea urchin and eel. Or we recommend you order the chef’s selection made using the catch of the day.


With its stylish red interior and sushi conveyor belt – not to mention a decent location in the centre of town – it’s little wonder Moshimo is a popular destination for those who enjoy good quality Japanese food. If you’re looking for something special on the menu, look no further than the ‘Bento Booth’ Sushi Boat – it’s a selection of sushi and sashimi served on a wooden boat that sits on your table.

Stick ‘n’ Sushi

Founded over 20 years ago, Stick ‘n’ Sushi draws on Japanese and Danish heritage to produce some very good food served in a relaxed atmosphere. The presentation is always immaculate, and with a delicious taste to match. As well as tucking into the great sushi, try the salmon tartare – excellent.

Sushi Life

For some, sushi is a way of life, and going by the rave reviews this place gets on Trip Advisor, then it’s certainly an attitude that Sushi Life owners can get on board with. The food is simple but delightful. Try Hell in the Kitchen maki rolls, which includes prawn tempura.