Five amazing immersive theatre shows

Theatre that goes beyond the confines of the traditional stage is all the rage right now. Take the train to see one of these top shows and find yourself immersed in strange and fascinating worlds.

Variant 31

The world’s largest live action video game experience, Variant 31, which opened in London’s West End in September, is a sci-fi horror-style production that lets you hear, see and smell all the action. Set in the ruins of the fictional Toxico Technology company, Variant 31 is pushing the boundaries of immersive art.

Wolf of Wall Street

Plunge yourself into the world of Wall Street broker Jordan Belfort. Based on Belfort’s memoirs, as translated into film by Martin Scorsese, this immersive play follows the rise and fall of the famous fraudster as you either join the party or help the feds to catch him. Like the movie, this looks to be a total riot.

The Great Gatsby

Head down to South London and return to the roaring twenties, with this immersive take on the classic American novel. It’s party time over at Jay Gatsby’s place, with music, dancing and lots of bootleg liquor. Get to know the mysterious Gatsby and discover if he’s everything he claims to be. What’s a host without a party?

Mamma Mia: The Party

Who would have thought that ABBA’s 1975 hit could power such a massive entertainment franchise? Here the famous stage musical is transformed into an immersive experience at London’s The O2. Head to the Greek island of Skopelo for food, drink and the sound of live ABBA hits.

Zombie Nightmare

Taking place in shopping centres in Bristol, Swindon, Brighton and beyond, Zombie Nightmare is a 60-minute experience complete with suspense, escape room-style clues and plenty of opportunities to run for your life. This suitably scary production is perfect for horror fans – but not the faint-hearted.