Bath ghost walk

Are you brave enough to experience the thrills and chills of a winter ghost walk? If so, then Doctor Thaddeus Lynch – a disgraced and deceased physician – will gladly meet you at the entrance to Bath Abbey and lead you on a terrifying walking tour around this historic city, taking in a dozen hidden haunts.

You’ll visit the grisly ‘Hanging Tree’ in a now-quiet Georgian square where public executions once provided post-pub entertainment; gather in a cursed corner of peaceful ‘Pigeon Park’, where witches were once tortured before being burned alive at the stake; and walk past ‘The Groaning Wall of Bath’, where voices of the dead are said to emanate from the old city ramparts.

Audience participation during this promenade of the paranormal is actively encouraged (hands up who wants to try the thumbscrews) and the walk ends with a genuinely dark experiment in a wooded dell where blood-fuelled duels were commonly held.

Dr Lynch serves up all this gore with a generous dash of ghoulish good humour and a theatrical flourish that will appeal to ghost hunters of all ages. It’s a walk that’s sure to leave you in (ahem) high spirits…

Join a public walk on any Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening until the end of December. Private tours can be booked at any time during the winter months and check the website for special events during Halloween.