Rock of ages: visit King Arthur’s ‘birthplace’
Upon a rock on Cornwall’s rugged northern coast, reached via a bridge, are the remains of Tintagel Castle, and as legend has it, the fortification was built on the site where King Arthur was conceived and born. Although the peninsula has been inhabited as... more >
20th February 2018
Five royal palaces
With a recent spate of royal engagements – and with the Charles I exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts going down a storm – it’s time you explored these regal cribs on the GWR network. more >
15th February 2018
Uncover dark secrets at Historic Royal Palaces
Try your luck in one of the country’s oldest gambling dens, take part in a covert investigation at the Tower of London and enjoy a night of storytelling inspired by Guy Fawkes' confessions. more >
17th January 2018
Discover Exeter’s secret underground tunnels
Exeter’s Underground Passages, built in the Middle Ages, make for a great winter walk, especially when the weather outside is not at its best. more >
24th November 2017
Tattoos, bling and women warriors at the British Museum
Escape’s Elizabeth Mistry explores the world of ancient nomads in Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia at the British Museum. more >
8th November 2017