‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’, wrote the city’s finest wit Samuel Johnson in the 18th century – back when they didn’t even have the London Eye to boast of, not to mention the Tate Modern or the London Dungeons.

The UK’s capital city remains one of the most exciting destinations in the world, full of history, culture and entertainment. It’s worth 1000 visits, and we hope the following posts will be testament to such a claim…

The Ferryman – review
Set against a backdrop of the Troubles in Ireland, where Bobby Sands is on hunger strike in prison, The Ferryman is a darkly-funny tale of a family divided, penned by Jez Butterworth, the writer of the new Sky Atlantic series Britannia. more >
15th January 2018
Adult ball pit? Yes, please!
A work of genius, Ballie Ballerson is a cocktail bar in East London that has a ball pit-cum-dancefloor and serves drinks inspired by retro sweets, such as Skittles and Dip Dab. more >
8th January 2018
Four top New Year’s Eve parties in London
If you’re planning on being in the capital for New Year’s Eve, don’t settle for any old pub. Instead, check out these fun festive celebrations to enjoy with friends and family. more >
21st December 2017
A history of London in four fascinating attractions
Treason, bubonic plague, and bear baiting – we journey through the capital’s turbulent past via some of its most iconic building. more >
11th December 2017
Christmas at Kew
It’s the season to sparkle at Kew Gardens’ annual festive light-and-music extravaganza, complete with giant baubles, bubble machines and loads and loads and loads of fairy lights! more >
4th December 2017